Advanced Vital – Cellular Elixir Night

Rèf : N-34600985


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By taking action overnight, the most propitious time for cellular regeneration, Cellular Night Elixir is a sublime revitalizer for skin in need of comfort and renewed energy. It swathes tired, lipid-depleted skin with precious oils and regenerating agents to stimulate cells and promote cutaneous repair. Its exceptional feel, silky and soft as velvet, is enhanced by a delicate fragrance whose coddling notes help induce replenishing, restorative sleep.

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Apply at night to the thoroughly cleansed skin before any La Colline night cream. Shake well with a rotary motion before use. Fill the dropper with a single squeeze and empty the content into the palm of one hand. Blend gently, then apply in small dabs to the face and neck. Smooth in with gentle upward circular movements. For more severely devitalized skin, apply both morning and night.